GrowExpress at the fruit logistica 2024

Africa’s brilliance at Fruit Logistica 2024: A view from Nigeria



The Fruit Logistica 2024, organized by Messe Berlin from February 7 to 9 in Germany, proved to be a vibrant center of the global fruit trade. Among the attendees was Kingsley K. Ekwueme from Nigeria, the Operations Manager of GrowExpress Ltd., whose presence underscored the growing significance of Africa in the global agricultural industry. With more than 2,770 exhibitors from 94 countries and over 66,000 visitors, this year’s event showcased the diversity and innovation within the sector.

GrowExpress Ltd.: An African Success Story

GrowExpress Ltd., based in Ibadan, Nigeria, exemplifies the dynamism and potential of African agricultural enterprises. Kingsley K. Ekwueme, Operations Manager at GrowExpress Ltd., brought the innovative spirit of Nigeria to Berlin during the Green Week and Fruit Logistica. With a revolutionary approach, GrowExpress is transforming traditional agriculture in Nigeria into a sustainable, commercial powerhouse. By establishing a model farm that serves as a cooperative for local farmers, the company has already achieved considerable success. Through intensive training and the introduction of state-of-the-art, cost-effective technologies, GrowExpress aims to produce high-quality crops like corn, soybeans, rice, sesame, and ginger on several thousand hectares in an environmentally friendly manner. With a focus on organic farming, using local seeds, and implementing specially adapted crop rotations, GrowExpress aims to dramatically increase yields and minimize post-harvest losses. The company thus contributes to social peace, prevents rural exodus, and sets new standards in modern African agriculture. With a vision for the future and a solid foundation in sustainable practices, GrowExpress stands as a shining example of the possibilities that open up through innovation and commitment in the agricultural industry. Ekwueme’s visit to Fruit Logistica also served to establish international partnerships and exchange knowledge on proven cultivation methods and innovative technologies.

The Significance of Fruit Logistica 2024

Fruit Logistica provided a unique platform where professionals from around the world could connect, share knowledge, and discover the latest trends and technologies in the agricultural industry. For GrowExpress Ltd., it was an opportunity to demonstrate their stringent production standards and strengthen the company’s reputation on a global stage.

Thomas Wegener - Berlin Fruit Logistica 2024

Highlights and Innovations

The fair featured a variety of highlights, including the presence of members of the Association of Vegetable and Persimmon Producers from Greece and Spain as part of the MEDITERRANEAN COMBO program. These and other exhibits allowed participants to explore a wide range of European agricultural products and discover new flavors.

The African Continent in the Spotlight

The presence of Kingsley K. Ekwueme and GrowExpress Ltd. emphasized the growing role of Africa in global agriculture. Given challenges such as climate change and rising cost pressures, the participation of African companies in international fairs like Fruit Logistica is crucial for the exchange of best practices and the promotion of sustainable agricultural practices.

Fruit Logistica 2024 offered a platform for innovation, collaboration, and growth. The attendance of Kingsley K. Ekwueme and GrowExpress Ltd. was a testament to the vitality and potential of the African continent in the global agricultural industry. With a focus on quality, innovation, and sustainable practices, Africa continues its journey to play a key role in the international fruit trade.


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