Our Solutions

The sustainable scaling of the cultivated areas using local seeds is the local solution for a cost-efficient supply of food.

We sustainably revitalize fertile African cultivation areas and scale them from 0.5-1ha to 100ha and more …

In outdoor cultivation, we switch from monocultures to specially adapted crop rotations and locally grown seeds. This increases the yield from ~ 1 to up to 8-10 tons per hectare.

The harvests are stored in modern warehouses in order to reduce the typical postharvest loss from ~ 40% to <5%.

In the indoor area, seasonal and locally atypical plants are cultivated, which can get by without pesticides if grown optimally. Thanks to controlled conditions, the plants grow quickly, safely and locally.

These were developed through close cooperation with the locally based international AGRICULTURE institutes and universities and implemented and implemented by GROWEXPRESS.

GROWEXPRESS MODEL FARM is the answer to a stable and secure supply of basic food.

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