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Maria Emos A Story of Transformation and Hope in Oko, Nigeria



In the fertile plains of Oko, a small community in Nigeria, lives Maria Emos, a 35-year-old widow and mother of three children. Her story is one of perseverance, change, and hope, closely intertwined with the remarkable project GrowExpress Ltd., which has taken root in this region.

The Challenges: Poverty and Rural Exodus in Nigeria

In recent decades, Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy, has experienced rapid development. Despite the wealth generated from oil discoveries, around 40 percent of the country’s 200 million inhabitants live in poverty. Over 70 percent of the population is engaged in agriculture, but rural exodus and neglect of agricultural structures have left deep scars.

GrowExpress Ltd.: A Glimmer of Hope

Amidst these challenges, GrowExpress Ltd., a company dedicated to revitalizing fallow agricultural land in Nigeria, stands firm. Thomas Wegener, a former decathlete and international manager from Berlin, leads this ambitious project. GrowExpress has secured the right to cultivate a large state estate in the fertile OYO National Park through a competitive process.

Maria Emos: From Survivor to Successful Farmer

For Maria Emos, like many others in her community, life was a daily struggle for survival. As a widow with three children, she faced the almost insurmountable task of providing for her family. But everything changed with the arrival of GrowExpress. Maria joined the project, which promotes sustainable agriculture and local collaboration. Through participation in training programs and the use of modern agricultural techniques, she was able to triple her income. This success meant not only financial security for her family but also a new perspective and hope for the future.

Maria Emos - GrowExpress Ltd
Maria Emos – GrowExpress Ltd


The Concept of GrowExpress: Respect and Sustainability

The concept of GrowExpress is based on the principles of respect and sustainability. Instead of destroying existing small-scale farming structures, the company supports them through knowledge transfer and modern technologies. GrowExpress’s efforts have helped local communities increase their agricultural production while protecting the environment.

A Vision for Sustainable Agriculture

Thomas Wegener, who has supported GrowExpress through his social commitment since its inception, understands the importance of collaboration and cultural respect. His approach of working together, rather than against each other, has led to an agricultural revolution in the region. His dedication demonstrates that sustainable development is possible when local communities are strengthened and supported.

Conclusion: A New Chapter for Oko and Nigeria

The story of Maria Emos and the GrowExpress project are shining examples of how targeted support and sustainable approaches can bring about positive change. They demonstrate that it is possible to break the cycle of poverty and rural exodus and create a self-determined future. Maria Emos represents many women in rural areas of Nigeria who, despite adverse circumstances, find the courage to improve their living conditions. Her success is a symbol of hope and change, not only for her and her family but for the entire community in Oko and beyond. GrowExpress Ltd. and the leadership of Thomas Wegener impressively demonstrate how respectful and sustainable actions can positively impact the lives of many people. Their success in Nigeria could serve as a model for other regions in Africa and worldwide to combat rural exodus, increase agricultural productivity, and promote sustainable communities.

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Thomas Wegener
CEO GrowExpress Ltd.

The GrowExpress Ltd. office is located in Nigeria, Cocoa House, Dugbe, 200263 Ibadan. Completed in 1965 with a height of 105 meters, Cocoa House was once the tallest building in Nigeria and the first skyscraper in West Africa. It is situated in Dugbe, one of the major commercial areas in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. GrowExpress Ltd. manages an estate of 800 hectares approximately 200 km north of the major city of Lagos in Nigeria. For more information, visit:


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